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Boeing Airplane Company, commonly referred simply as The Boeing Company, is among the largest worldwide aerospace companies. Boeing is an American multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, and sells airplanes, rockets, rotorcraft, and satellites all over the world. The company also provides leasing and product support services to over 150 countries, and it is the largest exporter in the United States by dollar value. Boeing stock is a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company beginnings date back to 1916, when the industrialist William Boeing (1881-1956) and aircraft engineer George Conrad Westervelt (1879-1956) founded the Pacific Aero products Co. in Seattle Washington. However, a few months after the…show more content…
The many significant advances of technology that took place during the decade of 1950s gave Boeing the opportunity to develop and manufacture new products. The company became a major producer of small turbine engines during this time up to the late 1960s. Those types of engines became an important part of the company 's major effort to expand its products beyond military aircraft after World War II, and by 1958, Boeing had already started the delivery of the model 707, which became the Unites States first commercial jetliner to date . In 1960 Boeing acquired the Vertol Aircraft Corporation, which was restructured and reorganized into Vertol Boeing division to begin the production of twin-rotors military helicopters, such as CH-47 Chinook and CH-46 Sea Knight. Boeing also began production of its commercial airliner model 727, which was made with passenger, freight, and convertible freight variations as well. During the Cold War, after the USSR executed its out-of-space expeditions orbiting around Earth, Boeing became also involved in out-of-space projects. The company designed three-stage Saturn rockers for the nine Apollo expeditions of the Unites States

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