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Executive Summary

The purpose of this report is to analyse the problems and issues faced by the Boeing company over history and provide a strategic plan for its future growth and development.

At first this report gives an introduction on the background and the current situation of Boeing. Then it conducts a series of analysis on the factors that might influence the development of the company, they include: SWOT analysis to discover the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses together with its external opportunities and threats; Industry and competitive analysis which by applying Porter’s five forces illustrates the competitive environment in the aviation industry and the situation Boeing is in; Company analysis- by analysing …show more content…

This report assumes that all the data given in the case study is true and there is not unforeseeable significant environment disruption.

2.0 SWOT analysis:

2.1 Strength:
2.1.1 Good product at hand:
Boeing’s 777 is found quite popular in the commercial aircraft market. It beats Airbus’ A330-300 and A340 successfully. By the end of 2000, Boeing obtained 113 orders for 777, which created a record for single model sales in a year (Velocci Jr. 2000). The 777 aircrafts enjoy Boeing’s most advanced design, with bigger interior space and fuel saving twin jets, carrying less people than 747 but being able to take long-range flights (Wilhelm 2000b). According to Randy Baseler (n.d.,cited in Wilhelm 2000b) the vice president of marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, the long range 777 is 15% to 18% more efficient than their competitor A340 models. The climbing speed and bigger interior room are also favorable features. A poll conducted to airlines in 2000 proves Baseler’s argument- Boeing’s 777-200 and -300 were found to be top performers among wide body aircrafts (Whyte 2000).

Airbus, by contrast, only got 103 orders by the same time. The order includes 17 of A340 and 86 of A330. Among these A330s’ orders, only 30-35 out of 86 were for A330-300- the competitor of 777, while the rest compete mainly Boeing’s 767 commercial aircraft (Velocci Jr. 2000).

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