Boghorn Clover Research Paper

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Bockshorn clover name comes from the Latin word, which means "Greek hay." This is because this herb is traditionally used as animal feed. Also called it bird foot, Foenugreek, and the horn of the goat. Bockshorn clover is commonly found growing in the Mediterranean regions of southern Europe. For centuries, it has grown wild in this region as well as India and North Africa. People use the seeds and leaves as culinary spices. Seeds of Bockshorn Clover herb are an effective dietary supplement and have also been used by marijuana lovers for many centuries because of the health benefits it offers. Bockshorn clover is similar to a bean plant that grows one to two meters high, and the flowers are white or pale yellow. Thin pods, sword-shaped have four to six inches long hold ten to twenty seeds. The plant lasts …show more content…

It contains many dietary fiber. This type does not dissolve, but swells upon contact with liquids. This makes it a natural laxative. Bockshorn clover also lowers the blood pressure. Bockshorn clover is able to regulate sugar levels in the blood and reduce amounts of harmful cholesterol levels. When taken with the meals, buckthorn clover can reduce in the body, the rate of absorption of sugar. An amino acid found in buckthorn clover can lead to an increase in insulin production when the blood glucose is increased. However, with, not insulin is used. A pack of Bockshorn clover can soothe irritated skin and relieve discomfort surface. It is also used to boil, cysts and other ailments. Bockshorn clover was used by ancient Egyptians to fight fever. Bockshorn clover relieves congestion, reduces inflammation and fights infection. Bockshorn clover contains natural mucolytic properties ideal for the treatment of sinus congestion and lungs. Loosens and removes excess mucus and mucus. Bockshorn clover relieves cough, promotes sweating to lower fever, and is beneficial for the treatment of allergies, bronchitis and

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