Bolgia Four Summary

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Circle Eight: Bolgia Four: The Fortune Tellers and Diviners. SUMMARY: As Dante and Virgil travel into the fourth Bolgia, they peer above the sinners. In this subset, people who have used forbidden arts to learn of the future reside here. Their punishment is to have their heads rotated backwards on their body, eyes full of tears. This causes them not to be able to see in front of them, a complete reversal of how they used to “see” upcoming events.These sinners also have to walk backwards, as they tried to accelerate forward in time.

Dante begins to feel emotional, even starting to cry at the sight of the distorted people. His guide, Virgil, shows no pity for him and explains that he shouldn't cry over God’s decisions.Virgil proceeds to talk about the foundation of his city of Mantua, who was founded by Mantu,a prophetess they see as they look down. Tiresias, a soothsayer shown in many plays, is also seen in this Bolgia.
RESIDENTS AND MYTHOLOGICAL CREATURES: One of the most prominent residents we see in Bolgia Four is the soothsayer, Tiresias. Virgil explains that other than predicting the future, he was also able to change himself into a woman and back by splitting a 2-headed serpent, therefore earning himself a place in hell.
MODERN WORLD CONNECTION: In Julius Caesar, he was warned about the Ides …show more content…

These demons consist of Black Talons /Malebranche demons. The captain of said demons is called Malacoda, and he keeps all the demons in line. Malacoda also negotiated with Virgil about Dante and ensured their safety. The Friar Gomita of Gallura resides here as well, for his crime of taking bribes from prisoners to help them escape. The last notable figure in this bolgia is Michael Zanche de Logodoro. When his king did not return from war, Michael took it into his own hands to take his place and marry the queen for

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