Bones Season 12 Analysis

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The coming of "Bones" Season 12 makes fans excited but sad in a way that it would be the final bow of the favorite television series. As an ice breaker, Fox revealed the behind-the-scene clips of the previous "Bones" Season 11 that will surely give its fans a laugh, but will definitely make them miss the cast. Before the intense episodes of "Bones" Season 12 come, fans will be treated with a blooper reel from "Bones" Season 11. It will be a complete flubs, props and foolishness of the stars that are going to be revealed. According to Buddy TV, the serious scenes from "Bones" Season 11 were cut because of silly mistakes that would make everyone laugh. As the abduction of Brennan (Emily Deschanel) will continue to be seen in "Bones" Season 12, things are about to get light with this behind-the-scene bloopers.…show more content…
Beth Mayer. The guest star completely forger her entire lines, but she handled the scene pretty well. The 94-year-old star will still be seen in "Bones" Season 12. Meanwhile, "Bones" Season 12 will be graced by a lot of actors and actresses from the show's previous seasons. Aside from Betty White, Stephen Fry will once again appear as Gordon Wyatt along with Eddie Mc Clintock as Sully, Brennan's former boyfriend. As "Bones" Season 11's blooper reel excites the many, fans are also expecting "Bones" Season 12 to have the same - just a little longer and funnier. TV Guide reported the behind-the-scene clips will be included on the previous season's DVD set. "Bones" Season 11 DVD set will be available on Jan. 3, 2017. This will be the same time "Bones" Season 12 will return on Fox. For more "Bones" Season 12 news, stay tuned on
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