Book Assesment Essay on You Can't Take My Planet, But Take My Brother, Please

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The novel, “You Can’t Take My Planet, But Take My Brother, Please”, is about a 13 year old boy, Giles. He has an intelligent big brother and a talented little sister. He wished to be as talented as his little sister Nikki, and as smart as his big brother, Bobby. But he’s only as average as everybody. He describes himself as a, “dork with no brain.” When he runs to the woods to cool off he has an alien encounter. With Jerry as an alien realtor, Queen Mooby, and King Zoodle. The alien king and queen were deciding to buy the planet. Giles had though that they should not. Giles has seen the brochure for this planet on sale. He even has been warned by a shrunken head that Earth’s humans would be kicked out and aliens in. He couldn’t let that …show more content…

He finds out that aliens are trying to sell the planet. Giles does not know if he can do this alone so he brings Tula along with his alien attorney and a mad-scientist to help him out. They need to clean up what the humans had messed up. He goes all over to fix things up on Earth so that aliens would leave the humans alone. Alien swarm starts moving in and Giles has no idea what to do. Then he negotiated peace and home with the aliens. The aliens thought that buying the planet would be great, but afterwards they thought over it. And thought how the humans would live, where they would go, and also thought that humans had the planet first.
Personification is used in dialogues like “I love the way they sail over traffic jams.” (p.34). The personification identified in this sentence had to deal with sailing, a verb, traffic jams, a non-living thing, because personification deals with a nonliving object that can use actions in a sentence and expresses that the things “sail” over traffic jams. Even though, sailing is only for boats. Imagery is used in as dialogues like “She had human features but her face was pale blue like a clear sky and just as bright. She was luminous. Her puffy blond cloud- shaped hair reminded me of golden cotton candy.” (p.36) to describe imagery by the looks of a noun very descriptively to get the reader thinking of how it looks like in reality to them.
The story “You Can’t Have My Planet, But Take My Brother, Please” the author by James

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