Book Report Of Floyd

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Summary: The book started out with a boy named Floyd who had an interest with the Indian tribe called the Dakotas. Floyd was in the foster care system growing up, which meant he was always going around from family to family. Floyd finally settled in a foster home where he was put into a high school. He hated his principal because he was always getting write up for wearing Indian clothes. Then Floyd would talk back to his principle which would make him have detention. Floyd’s foster home caretaker hated that he was always getting wrote up, which then she grew a deep hatred towards Floyd. Floyd finally ran away from the foster home from Missouri to a Dakota tribe in Oregon. He found an old motorized bike on the side of the rode that helped him get there faster, but the old bike broke down and he had to catch a ride with a old farmer to the Dakota tribe. When he got there he was met by a young boy named Donny. and Donny brought him to the tribe leader called Charley Black Crow. Charley put Floyd through a strength test to see if he was fit enough to be a part of the tribe. Floyd passed the test and became apart of the tribe. …show more content…

He also believed that if people didn’t respect him then he wasn’t going to respect them. Donny was a person who helped Floyd out all the time even when he was having troubles with the test. Donny helped Floyd out and look after him like his own son. Charly Black Crow Always pushed Floyd because he knew that Floyd could surpass his challenges. Floyd is my favorite character because he never let his challenges get in front of his dreams. He always pushed for

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