Book Report On As Seeking Names A Con Artist's Masquerade

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Over the course of reading Assuming Names: A Con Artist's Masquerade, I learned different characteristics about the personality of the main character - Tanya Thompson. Using the knowledge of what her interests are, I have gathered five books I believe would appeal to her charming personality. Adrenaline by Jeff Abbott is a fiction story belonging to the Sam Capra Series. I believe my character, Tanya Thompson, would love this book because she is a complete adrenaline junky. From lying about her identity, to motorcycle rides with strangers, Tanya has done anything she possibly could to get that high adrenaline provides. Therefore, a riveting story of true love, family, and a stable job lost in an instant due to a horrific accident blamed on the main character, Sam Capra, would be absolutely perfect for her! Plus, I’m sure she …show more content…

Night Shift is rated 4.5 stars on Amazon, but I am confident that it will be a five out of five for Tanya! She says that she is not easily scared, so I thought I would add a little bit of flavor to her book choices and give her something different. By different, I mean she will be absolutely terrified to leave her house! This book contains 20 ghastly short stories, and might I add, just the description was enough to give me chills. Even though this story is a little outside her comfort zone, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tanya became a regular in the horror section of the book store after reading this. Plus, with the fact that there are many stories, she wouldn’t get bored of the same plot line dragging on for 200 pages. Instead, you are introduced to new scenarios, that keep you flipping through the book faster than Tanya flies through fake identities! In a nutshell, I think these five books would be perfect for Tanya. If I knew her personally, I would undoubtedly make a recommendation for each one of these to

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