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Kenan Trebničević was living in Bosnia during the time of the ethnic cleansing that happened. In his book, The Bosnia List, Kenan tells about his experience with the war that him and his family had to live through. Kenan had very skeptical views about how his homeland turned out to be after the war, but once he traveled back to Bosnia with his family his perspective was greatly changed. Kenan was about thirty years old when he decided he was going to make a list of all of the things that he wanted to do when he got back to Bosnia. After traveling back, he soon realized that things were much different than he anticipated, and he decided to make a new list. When Kenan made his original list it had a lot of hate in it. The first item on his …show more content…

Huso was a great friend of Kenan’s in their childhood. When Huso and his family left the apartments, Zorica’s family took over their previous place. Kenan went over to Zorica’s apartment to play with her young boy. He was scared that he was betraying Huso by being there because of the fact that Huso’s family was forced out of the place and no he was just freely playing in the apartment not even thinking of Huso. So, Kenan called Huso and Huso was very outraged that he was even upset about the whole situation in the first place (Trebinčević 182). Huso said, “my home was your home”, which summed up that Kenan shouldn’t be ashamed that he was in Huso’s old apartment in the first place (Trebinčević …show more content…

So, when he started to make his new list he thought it was difficult to think of the good among the evil (Trebinčević 296). When he sat down and really thought about it, there were just enough people there to help him and his family stay alive and to escape the horrible life they were living (Trebinčević 296). The first item on Kenan’s new list was, “Thank God for Obren, who warned Dad and Mujo away from the Partizan Sports Hall” (Trebničević 297). The Partizan Sports Hall was a popular place that Kenan and his family occupied a lot. This is the place that Kenan was able to learn karate as a child from his coach Pero. But, it was also a place where innocent people were being taken during the ethnic cleansing that happened in Bosnia. It was very important that Obren was there to warn Kenan’s father and his friend to steer clear of this place now, otherwise they probably would have been killed right

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