History Research Topic- Bosnian Genocide

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Bosnian Genocide in 1995 Outline Plan Bosnian Genocide was a terrible act of murder which started when Muslims and Croats voted for independence in referendum that was boycotted by Serbs In 1992.When the European Union recognized Bosnian’s independence the war broke out and Serb’s occupied the country. I chose to do my Research about this while studying The Rwanda Genocide in 1994. I discovered that Rwanda wasn’t the only genocide that happened in the past and I really wanted to learn something about the attack in Srebrenica in 1995, where around 8,000 people were killed. By doing this research study I hope to improve my research skills which will be a great start before I go to university. I hope it will help me make my note-taking…show more content…
Bosnia is a country in south-eastern Europe that emerged after the break-up of Yugoslavia in 1980. The conflict between the three main ethnic groups in Bosnia, the Serbs, Croats, and Muslims, resulted in genocide committed by the Serbs against the Muslims in this country. After the First World War country was united with other Slav territories to form Yugoslavia. At the time, the population of Bosnia consisted of over 1,300,000 Serbs which were Orthodox Catholic Christians, million Muslim Bosnians and around 700,000 of Croats. They all were strong attached to this land by the historical and local claims. After the death of Josip Broz Tito, elections in 1990 brought nationalists to power in Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia, which declared independence in 1991 and were recognised internationally. The Leader of Bosnia’s, Alija Izetbegovic called for independence too, and the country was recognised as independent by the USA and the EU in 1992. However, Bosnia’s Serbs weren’t happy because they wanted to be part of “Greater Serbia”. a Serbian named Slobodan Milosevic, a former Communist responded to Bosnian’s declaration of independence by attacking and bombarding the capital city, Sarajevo. Serbs shot down civilians in the streets, including over 3,500 children. In the period preceding the attack of Serbs, Bosnian army used the ‘safe area’ as a base to attack the Serbian population. Since April 1995, the Serbs took
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