Book Report : ' Wonderland '

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It was nearing 9 p.m. on the 20th of December 2015 and a peculiar woman made her way down the snow speckled road, a sleek silver tail poked from beneath her coat and two pointed cat ears rose from her head, twitching whenever a sound echoed through the night. Her peculiarity didn’t just stop at her looks though, her homeland was like nothing any of us have seen in our terribly boring lives, her home was like a fever dream, it was fleeting and mind-boggling and beautiful and terrifying all at once. It was called Wonderland. Her real name before she became an almost human, was the Cheshire Cat, she was for this reason, peculiar, for she was no longer a cat with a smile but a smile without a complete cat. The odd young woman slowly crept up the cobblestone street, careful not to make a sound. She was currently following a young lady, this particular young lady had something she wanted. As she walked past an alley, a hand reached out and grasped her shoulder, pulling into the darkened alley with a muffled shout. She sighed, and tilted her head to the ground, silently damning herself for being so kind hearted. She inhaled a deeply and walked around the corner. The man froze then smiled at her.
She groaned, ‘This little shit...’ She thought.
She had seen a lot of this man in the last couple of weeks. Every time she would go to rob someone he would be there trying to steal her profit. He was tall, muscular and a pain in her ass, his eyes were hazel and his hair was a wavy dark

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