Book Review : Midnight Magic By Woody Allen

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Paris’ Midnight Magic For nearly fifty years, Woody Allen has been writing and directing lucrative films and television shows. One of his most recent productions is a film called Midnight in Paris that has multiple famous actors and actresses playing the main roles. This fantasy film takes place in the most popular city destination, Paris, a city known for its breathtaking sites. The film often alternates between different time periods such as the 1890s and 1920s due to a type of time travel the protagonist experiences. The film’s numerous awards and nominations, in addition to notorious cast members and impressive profits, all provide evidence that Midnight in Paris was a successful film that accomplished the goal of satisfying viewers. Gil Pender is an aspiring novelist from Pasadena, California who believes he should have been born during France’s Golden Age, the 1920s. Gil and his fiancé Inez tag along to Paris with Inez’s wealthy parents who are there for business reasons. While in Paris, Gil and Inez run into one of Inez’s past boyfriends from college, Paul, who invites them to join in various activities around the city. During these activities, Paul falsely explains the numerous sculptures and monuments the group observes. However, Inez is extremely attracted to his pseudo intelligence and later on in the film can not resist his affection. One night Paul invites the couple to dancing and Gil states that he rather walk around Paris and enjoy the sights. On the other

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