Book Review: The Way Of The Shepherd

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Diana Marrey D. Tenorio Principles of Management Masters of Business Administration University of Southeastern Philippines The Way of the Shepherd A Book Review “The Way Of the Shepherd” is a book written by Dr. Kevin Leman and William Pentak. This 117-pages book discussed seven ancient principles to managing people. Every chapter focused on a principle paired with a comparison between tending a flock of sheep and managing people. The author’s target is to introduce to the readers the concept of creating genuine relationships with those you are managing and to motivate them to follow their leader. The first chapter entitled, “Know the Condition of Your Flock,” the authors Dr. Leman and Dr. Pentak focused on the concept of getting to know the people that you are going to manage. To be an effective …show more content…

While the sheep are busy eating the grasses in the field, the shepherd must search for green pastures. Just like the shepherd in the fields, a leader in the business world must know where his team is headed, aligning their strategy with the group’s goals. They must step up in order to lead their group. In this chapter, it was also emphasized that just like the gentleness of the staff, a good leader must use persuasion and not coercion. The sixth chapter of the book entitled “The Rod of Correction” talks about having a constant improvement in your group. A shepherd must carry a rod which is used for protecting and guiding the flock of sheep. Using your authority as a leader wisely is important in maintaining loyalty and trust among the people in your group. A good leader must protect his people against outside threats, approach them with discipline that can help them learn and keep them updated with the progress of your

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