Border Control History

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“Given these high stakes, it is no wonder the U.S. political governing immigrants admissions and rights have been the object of significant political struggle throughout American history” (Tichenor,1). This paper will talk about the technology that the border control uses, the history of the borders, and the effects on people because of the border. This story is going to educators and not-for-profit leaders hoping to open their eyes to what is going on in this world everyday. It all began with people wanting the American Dream. It is very rare to have a physical barrier between two countries, but the first wall built was in 1961 by the communist Germans. That wall separated West Berlin from East Berlin. The most well-known barrier in the United …show more content…

This scanner will take a photo of your car and it can see if you are hiding a person inside or if you are trying to bring things over into the United States that are illegal. All of these high tech equipment can also read body temperature. The border control also has a lot of high tech security cameras that are on 24/7. To get around the large land easily and fast they use trucks, horses, four-wheelers, and airplanes. With all this equipment the border control has stopped many immigrants from crossing over the border and has stopped people from smuggling drugs over to the United …show more content…

The tunnel is linked to a warehouse in San Diego and Tijuana. This tunnel even has a hydraulic lift to take people down into the tunnel and it also has electricity. In finding this tunnel the United States has found over “17 tons of marijuana” (Martinesz,1) on both sides of the border. “The marijuana was worth $6 million and they also arrested 22 people”(Martinez,1) that were in the tunnel at that time. This tunnel is the 10th largest-scale drug smuggling tunnel that was discovered in the San Diego area since 2006. As of right now no one knows how long this tunnel has been there and how they built it.
One story that I read and learned about was a border patrol agent who committed a murder by cross-border shooting. The U.S. border patrol agent was charged with second-degree murder. The teenager that was killed was Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez and that was only 16 years old. The border patrol had said “the teenager was among a group of rock-throwers endangering lives” (Fox, but the family members say “that he was walking home from a basketball game with friends and was not armed or throwing rocks” (Fox By the autopsy it had revealed that he was shot about 10

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