Essay about The History of Customs and Border Protection

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Cultural Stewardship:
CBP plays a role in protecting and enhancing culture for future generations, and takes significant conservation into account in planning and carrying out facilities and operational activities. CBP promotes communication and partnerships with Native groups, private sector, and important government entities, to safeguard traditional and cultural resources and guarantee their accountability and respectful treatment.
The U.S customs service was initially established during 17th century by the first congress of the United States at 31 July 1789 under the fifth act, which emerged from the 2nd and 3rd act of the first congress of United States, which established the system of tariffs on imported goods and …show more content…

1789 was the year of establishment of the marine hospital services. In 1799 the customs ensign and pennant was designed by treasury secretary Oliver Wolcott. During 18th century customs services had eradicated the huge national debt incurred during the American Revolution. In 1836 commissioner of patents worked for the agriculture. On 27 December 1837 life saving service was established by the department of treasury. Customs Revenue represented 90% of all federal funds deposited in the U.S treasury, in 1860. The bureau of internal revenue was established in 1862, in order to fund cost of the civil war a personal income tax was also established by the treasury department. In the same year president Lincoln also established the department of U.S. agriculture. In 1870 U.S special agency service was established as the branch office in the office of secretary of the treasury. Revenues marine division was created in the treasury department in 1871. Various states began passing their own immigration laws after the civil war, which was led to the supreme court in 1875in which supreme court ruled that enforcement of immigration laws was a federal responsibility. In 1879 congress enables the creation of position of the fraud roll employee which is often titled as the customs agents or special agents. In 1890 custom administrative act established board of general appraisal which was renamed as United States customs court in 1926. The

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