Born Criminal Research Paper

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Tyler Sadvary 11/24/15 BIO 300 Dr. Shotwell Born Criminals? Criminal anthropology refers to the study of physiological differences between criminals and non-violent people. Every day we hear of crime that occurred somewhere in the world. For example, a big topic now is ISIS and the attacks they have recently made on Paris, France. In class we talked about a man by the name of Cesare Lombroso. Lombroso is credited with coining the term “born criminal.” By this, he meant that criminality is strictly inherited; it is a personality trait one possesses and not a learned behavior. Lombroso also included that criminals can be identified by anatomical characteristics such as unusually wide or narrow skull, long arms, hairy body, large incisors and many more.…show more content…
This mental derangement is caused by defects in their body and glands. These people can be divided into two categories or groups. One group is said to be quiet but doing good to others is against their nature. The people within this group achieve pleasure from harming other people and generally struggle with understanding the difference between good and bad actions. The other group is said to be inclined to kill or maim other people. This group of people is much more dangerous than the first group of people. The people within this group have a tendency to become a part of criminal gangs that commit murder and other terrible criminal acts. When it comes to the lifestyles of these so called “born criminals”, they are very diverse just like the crimes they commit, according to Criminals by Nature. Some of these people do not have the opportunity to earn a living, or they do not take the opportunity given to them to earn a living. Some “born criminals” disguise themselves as honest people when in reality they secretly commit robberies and steal and prey on helpless
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