Born In Haiti To Mr. & Mrs. Lormeus Frederick, My Lifestyle

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Born in Haiti to Mr. & Mrs. Lormeus Frederick, my lifestyle as a child was very modest, humble, and supportive. We weren’t rich, nor were we poor; my parents provided food on the table every day and enrolled us in the most prestigious school in the country. Our home was very peaceful and fun. My father had five children from previous relationships while my mother only had two. Being the youngest child, I was always well protected and spoiled by everyone; it got annoying sometimes always being babied as if I couldn’t do things on my own. My siblings and I got along very well, of course we had our misunderstandings at times, but we always stuck together and had each other’s back. I sometimes wish I could go back to that life again. My …show more content…

I was always an active listener in class, turning in work on time, and respectful to my teachers. If I had anything less than an A+, I was so disappointed; I would feel as if I failed because I could’ve done better. Even when there wasn’t school, I would still show up to the schoolhouse to try and learn new things. I was so bright when it came to math, my professor even gave me the nickname Pitagor after the famous Greek philosopher Pythagoras. I detested lazy students who took education as a joke. I only associated with people who were determined, respectful, and studious students. When you grow up in the islands, dating while in school was something you kept a secret. Sometimes it was difficult carrying my parents strict discipline at home, in school, and in the streets. I was very handsome guy, a lot of girls came my way, but my shy demeanor made me come off as hard to get. I dated a few girls here and there, but never publicly. School was my number one priority, so I didn’t care much to enter a serious relationship. I left Haiti in 1981 to move to Freeport, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas where a few of my brothers were living. I stayed for a few years to plan for a better life, but I knew a better life was in America. While in Florida, I got married and had two children Freppel (b. 1986) and Lisbeth (b. 1990). Early 1990, my children were taken into the system right after Lisbeth was born. I fought hard for

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