Borough Ordinance Essay

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Ms. McMackin, Thank you for your previous assistance regarding the tree on Rio Vista Drive. After conducting some research on the Norwood Borough ordinances, we discovered a few ordinances that might be applicable to this situation. Our primary concern is that the tree prohibits the visibility of oncoming traffic when a person is driving up the hill. Cars usually park on the right side of the road directly past the bend. The tree blocks all visibility of these cars making it a hazard for drivers. Since the turn is practically a 45% angle it is essential that all drivers be able to see what is located around the bend. Ordinance 202-7 states that “No person shall erect or maintain on property owned or controlled by him and where buildings…show more content…
Space medium trees 40 feet from the adjacent trees. Space large trees 50 feet from the adjacent trees. Exceptions for special plantings must be approved by the Superintendent of Public Works. When practicable, the planting distance from the curbs or curb lines and sidewalks shall be in accordance with the three tree size classes as follows: for a small tree, two feet; medium tree, three feet; and large tree, four feet. No street trees other than those species classified as small trees may be planted closer than 15 feet to the vertical plane of an existing power line, excluding service wires, or within 7 1/2 lateral feet of any underground waterline, sewer line or other utility.” Due to the location and apparent size of the tree, it appears that this ordinance is being violated. It hangings over the curb, which clearly indicates that it was planted to close to the edge of the street. Additionally, Ordinances 94-1and 94-2 state that “It shall be the duty of any owner or tenant or other person in possession of any land in the borough to keep his land free of brush, weeds, dead and dying trees, stumps, roots, obnoxious growths, filth, garbage, trash and other debris which may constitute a fire hazard or which is otherwise detrimental to the public health or safety. It shall be the duty of any owner, tenant or other person in possession of any land in the borough bordering upon any public street to remove
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