Boston Marathon Bombing

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On the covers of newspapers and on the screens of many, the story of the Boston marathon hits the ground. Twenty six thousand eight hundred thirty nine people from all over the world came to run in this awe-inspiring marathon. Until the tragedy strikes right in their faces. The explosions, injuring scores of people, effected the lives of innocent civilians. Cheers were replaced with screams, sirens, and the first responders providing aide to the citizens. This was a brutal event just like the one on September 11, 2001. Instead of using seclusion towards political and economical reasons for events, the mass medias perceptive towards incidents involving the religion Islam has created the stereotypical thought in society in which we live in today. The tragedy of an event makes the movement towards the future due to falling back into the same patterns in which we were in. A paper written my Ryan Harrison states “Xenophobia is the irrational fear of another person who is culturally, ethnically, or in any way different than an accepted norm.” (Harrison 5). This nothing more than before meeting someone and judging them based on what they are wearing and how they look. On September 11th a horrific event took place where as a plane crashed into the twin towers causing numerous amount of deaths. This event changed the perspective of many civilians. After the 9/11 tragedy xenophobia became known as Islamophobia, the an irrational fear and hatred of Muslims as an identifiable group.
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