Boston 's Of The American Revolution

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The first section demonstrates how formal and informal networks helped to integrate migrants into the black community. The book begins by explaining how the relatively small size of Boston’s black newly arrived immigrants influenced the development of black society and the ways the established community shaped the lives of the newly arrived. African Americans were first brought to Boston by slave traders in 1963.These first black migrants eventually replaced Native Americans held in slavery. Religious beliefs and environmental limitations ensured that Boston never became a great slaveholding center. After the mid-seventeenth century, Boston merchants were typically slave traders rather than slaveholders. Fewer than one thousand blacks resided in the city on the eve of the American Revolution. The rise of a strong abolitionist spirit among Boston’s revolutionary generation originated from a combination of expressed principles and ideals, the declining economic importance in slavery, as well as the important role Boston’s blacks played in the war effort. As a result, in 1783, the Massachusetts Supreme Court pronounced that slavery was inconsistent with the provisions of the 1780 state constitution. This decision allowed Boston’s blacks to expand their efforts to build their community. By 1800 blacks composed less than .4 percent of the residents in Boston. Following the outbreak of the Civil War, the number more than doubled to 1 percent of the city’s population. The migration

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