Essay The Boston Massacre and the American Revolution

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The Boston Massacre was an important event in U.S. history, that lead to the American

Revolution. This event brought attention to the unfair ways the British soldiers were treating the colonists. The British were treating the colonists unfairly by taxing them and using their homes for shelter and food. They used them for food by making them make meals for them to eat and if the colonist was a farmer with horses they would also take the horses. I will talk about the famous lawyer John Adams and other events that happened in the Boston Massacre. On the evening of March 5, 1770, a group of kids came up to a British soldier. The soldier was alone so the kids thought that he would be an easy target to pick on. The kids approached the soldier …show more content…

There were two separate trials, one for Captain Preston and one for the soldiers. The first one started about one month after the massacre, the second one started on November 27, 1770. If you don’t know who Captain Preston is, he is the captain of the group of soldiers. Some people say that he was the one that told the soldiers to fire. It even shows him raising his hand to fire in Paul Revere’s engraving. It is not certain that, this is what happened because there is no other proof but the engraving. From what I have heard Captain Preston was telling the soldiers not to fire. Before the Boston Massacre’s name became common it was called The Bloody Massacre on King Street. This name is on the famous Paul Revere engraving. In the early 1800s it was also called the State Street Massacre. If you don’t know what a massacre is, it is a massive killing. Even though the Boston Massacre wasn’t a massive killing it was still called a massacre, because it was a big deal. Paul Revere is the man who made the famous engraving. It is not certain that he was at the massacre, but some think that he was. I think that he was there, because if he wasn’t there then how did he make the engraving. I can see where people can think that he wasn’t there though. He could have just drawn the people and put the background of the scene on the engraving. The Boston Massacre is one of my favorite events in history. I like the mystery in

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