Both Galileo And Darwin Are Legendary Figures Within Science

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Both Galileo and Darwin are legendary figures within science and history due to their discoveries which had a monumental impact on society during both their respective lives and modern day time. Their discoveries prompted discussion that challenged tradition and old ideas and despite not being appreciated by the entire public at the time, the theories they introduced have had long lasting impacts on our government and society today. Galileo and Darwin’s finding have a significant impact upon modern societal views on essential topics such as, science and ethics in everyday life. Controversial and philosophical discussions today ranging from climate change, vaccination, factory farming and the creation of the universe are all impacted by…show more content…
The majority of scientist continue to advocate for energy reform and present the case of climate change using facts and reason.
In similar fashion to government employees lobbying against climate change, there are special interest groups which promote the belief that vaccine’s cause Autism or are generally unnecessary. Despite all evidence to the contrary, in recent years support for the anti vaccine campaign has grown. Statistics from the last year indicate that one in ten United States citizens consider vaccines to be dangerous. However, it is this unfounded fear which may prove to be dangerous to the population. In recent years’ diseases which were once though to be rare in the United States have started infecting young children and other vulnerable individuals. While uncommon infectious diseases continue to emerge with greater frequency, more parents are opting not to vaccinate their children. Families choosing against vaccination may cite personal or religious reason and still enroll their children in public school while failing to meet state requirements. Up until now, this has not had a significant effect on public health due to herd immunity. Since majority of citizens being vaccinated, those who are not are still protected. However, as the public’s opinion on vaccination becomes increasingly negative, the percent of the population receiving vaccines may drop. If this were to occur,
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