Botox: Marketing Mix

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SWOT Analysis of Botox Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact SWOT Analysis of Botox SWOT analysis Strengths: • Allergan has the possibility for dominance on several niche markets because of the uniqueness and appeal of their product. • The main consumers of the product Botox are celebrities from many fields, which include actors and television artists. Thus, the element of celebrity endorsement is a great advantage. • Facial beauty is a major concern in the modern world and the ability of a product to remove wrinkles and black marks on the skin will likely work as…show more content…
The product must have an definite target market, the price must be within a specified budget appropriate to the target market, the product must have a suitable place where it can be distributed, and the promotion must be in such a manner that the customer understands the firm is there to support its customers and solve the pains of the customers. “The marketing mix of a firm in large part is the product of the evolution that comes from day-today marketing. At any time the mix represents the program that a management has evolved to meet the problems with which it is constantly faced in an ever changing, ever challenging market” (Borden, 1942). Marketing Mix – Product A product is the first and the most important component in the marketing mix. The latest, trendy product in offer from Botox is Allergen. Botox has a very strong target market in Canada and can create its own marketing niche. Botox was launched in the market as a medical product for the correction of cross eye. Botox is not just a cosmetic product which removes the frown lines but also is effective in the treatment of migraine headaches, chronic neck and back pains and other spastic disorders. Therefore, Botox has the properties that can allow its application for cosmetic and medical purposes. Besides, it enjoys an excellent market in Canada and has targeted customers in both genders alike. More than seven million women customers from Canada use the product and
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