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The Cosmetics Industry

Estee Lauder vs. Shiseido Cosmetics

E. Wang
July 8, 2005
BSAD 491

Introduction The cosmetics business is a billion dollar industry. Every year, women are responsible for consuming millions of cosmetic products. The cosmetics industry is so large because of several factors. The media is a huge contributor to the intense pressure to look a certain way. The idea that "sex sells" is evident in gossip magazines, movies, advertisements, music, and more subtly- in the business world. People first notice what race someone is, how beautiful or ugly they are and what clothes they are wearing. Beauty is skin deep; however, first impressions are usually what others use to base their …show more content…

The main purpose of cosmetics is unmistakable- to make you prettier. Women wear varying amounts of makeup depending on the occasion, the time of day, or just personal preferences. Makeup can be broken down into categories. Skin makeup consists of foundation, concealer, powder, and blusher. Eye makeup includes: mascara, shadow, liner, and brow definer. Lip makeup is comprised of products such as lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liner. The generation of Baby-Boomers are growing older and living longer. The struggle to stay young has created a demand for a cosmetic product that slows down the hands of time. Many cosmetic companies have developed products that promise to erase wrinkles, lift and firm skin on our faces, and smooth out blotchiness created by age spots. Estee Lauder's Idealists Skin Refinishing line promises to do all that. The products range from US$46 to US$85 ( 2005). These miracle serums and lotions have a price tag many consumers in China still may not be able to afford. Skin treatment products are often sold next to the cosmetics, but in reality are not cosmetics themselves. Skin treatment products are created with the purpose to improve the natural condition of the skin rather than purely the aesthetic. Cleansers, astringents, toners, acne medications, sunscreen, and lotion all help the skin stay healthy and free from blemishes. In the past, it used to be that consumers

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