Bottles So Empty As You Look At It

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Bottles so empty as you look at it. There 's no door to the bathroom. A night of partying so epic. So outrageous a night you won 't not forget. Broken tables, trash of food in the kitchen, A window shattered it looks like someone got toss through it, however walking in the hallway seemed what happened last night, how can we fix this? I don 't have a clue.

Lucas and McKenzie looking at Daniella while she have her head laying on the toilet seat.

"Why, Danny sleeping on the toilet seat with throw in the toilet bowl? It looks so disgusting." Lucas said

"Someone said that she wasn 't feeling so well, that she was under the weather." McKenzie said

"When I seemed Danny last night. She was feeling so good like someone spiked her drink." Lucas said

"Do you think someone spiked her drink?" McKenzie said

McKenzie trying to wake up Danny.

"Oh. Yes. I do. Danny is a beautiful woman and her boyfriend that she broke up with trying to sleep with her. I think he spiked her drink. Lucas said

Danny wake up with a dreadful hangover.

"Hey. I know you. It 's Danny. Right. Danny said to Lucas

"No. Danny. My name is Lucas. Your name is Danny." Lucas said

Danny feeling her stomach. She throw-up in the toilet.

"Lucas. Can you take care of Danny for me? Brody is calling my name I don 't know how many times." McKenzie said as she left the bathroom.

I 'm in love with Daniella since high school. What to say she 's one of a kind. He don 't talk to me that much, I 'm kind of a jerk. Who…

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