Bottles So Empty As You Look At It

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Bottles so empty as you look at it. There 's no door to the bathroom. A night of partying so epic. So outrageous a night you won 't not forget. Broken tables, trash of food in the kitchen, A window shattered it looks like someone got toss through it, however walking in the hallway seemed what happened last night, how can we fix this? I don 't have a clue. Lucas and McKenzie looking at Daniella while she have her head laying on the toilet seat. "Why, Danny sleeping on the toilet seat with throw in the toilet bowl? It looks so disgusting." Lucas said "Someone said that she wasn 't feeling so well, that she was under the weather." McKenzie said "When I seemed Danny last night. She was feeling so good like someone spiked her drink." Lucas …show more content…

That 's my passion. Now, I 'm going to hold her black long hair. "What happened to my car!" Brody said "Uh. Brody. Tell you the truth. I don 't know. It was like this when I got here. Someone carried me to my dorm room." McKenzie said "This is crazy! My car! Where 's Lucas?" Brody asked "He in the bathroom with Daniella." McKenzie said "Why? Is Lucas in the bathroom with my sister?" Brody said "Lucas and I founded Danny in the bathroom. She was sleeping on the toilet seat." McKenzie said "She still in the bathroom?" Brody said "I believe so. We was trying to help her out the bathroom, when she starting to throw-up." McKenzie said "She 's throw-up. What happened last night?" Brody said Bridget and Graham sleep in his bed. Bridget awake up, looks around the room, then look at Graham 's football Jersey that she 's wearing. Bridget looks under the bed cover seems that she isn 't wearing the pant. "What happened. Last night." Bridget said to herself. She look at Graham sleep next to her. Bridget hits Graham with a pillow. "Awake up. You Jerk. Don 't tell me that I slept with you, and we 're not dating." Bridget said "I 'm trying to tell you. I didn 't cheat on you. I won 't never cheat on the person that I love so much. I 'm telling you the truth. Can you believe me. Bridget?" Graham said "No. I can 't believe you. Just get out of this bed." Bridget said "Bridget this is my room. Okay." Graham said "Tell me this?" Bridget said "Tell

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