Bound For Crutchfield

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“ Bound for Crutchfield Hall, near Lower Bolton. (pg.1) the note pinned to my coat read.” This essay will inform you about a few of the character, the rising action, and the resolution. Don’t expect the best of everything. Firstly, Florence Crutchfield is the main character in this novel. She is a twelve year old orphan who is sent to her uncle's mansion to live with her great aunt and uncle, Eugenie and Thomas, and her cousin, James. James is Florence's younger cousin who is a rather delicate child. “After his sister’s death, the boy went into a long decline. (pg.25) Uncle said.” Sophia is the older sister to James, she however is dead. “The girl was in a tragic accident. (pg.6) said Mr. Graybeale, a passenger on the carriage.” Sophia is

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