Boundary of a Legal System

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Boundary of a Legal System: Boundaries are considered as significant elements for governing social life since they are the most effective and efficient mechanisms for organizing societies. They achieve this through separating areas that belong to different territories, jurisdictions, natural and legal persons, behaviors, and clans. Since boundaries are described as the dividing line between physical and abstract spheres, they mark areas where something is permitted or prohibited. The modern life is basically characterized by physical and abstract boundaries because of the increased concern with the phenomenon of boundaries. For instance, there are boundaries within the family and in education that provide guidelines for the behaviors of family members and children respectively. The Phenomenon of Boundaries: With the increased concern in the concept of boundaries, individuals are required to respect the boundaries relating to friends, neighbors, and enemies. Notably, the concept of boundaries is not limited to physical spaces or areas but can also be the edges of abstract, virtual, and social spheres. While the geographical space is defined by practical or physical boundaries, the boundaries governing social life are usually defined verbally. This is primarily because such boundaries cannot be localized very precisely or to be only regarded as geographical locations. Boundaries usually come into existence through various ways including act of volition,
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