Bowling for Columbine by Michael Moore

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Documentaries are usually boring, just spitting facts at the viewers. Not Michael Moore’s “Bowling For Columbine,” this film was very different from any other documentary. It was not simply facts, instead Moore took a different approach to get the attention of the less informed. Learning a lot throughout the film, it would be a great recommendation for anyone looking to learn about the gun accessibility and violence within America.
In this documentary, Moore begins by showing how easy it is to obtain a gun in America. He finds out about a bank that is giving away guns at the opening of an account with them. Going into the bank followed by a camera crew, Moore is granted the bank account with the accompanying gun, thus, highlighting the easy accessibility of guns in America. However on Michael Moore’s website, he comes out and says that the bank scene is staged with hired actors, but it was inspired by an ad he had seen in a Michigan newspaper in 2001 (Moore). This scene was very compelling, making the viewer realize that gun regulations are quite lose. Upon finding out that the scene was not real, some of the shock is lost, due to the fact that the process was most likely more complex than Moore had made it seem. It is shocking that a bank would give away guns, of all things, to bring in new account holders, and it was a good element that Moore brought into the film.
Many things have been said implying that this documentary is not in fact a documentary. Despite winning

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