Boys and Girls, by Alice Munro, Brother Dear, by Bernice Friensen, and A Cap for Steve, by Morley Callaghan

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Dreams are something all humans share in common and they manifest the realization of our lives. They have a great influence over our essence and can provide colossal amounts of courage and strength to accomplish our greatest desires. However, when we do not have dreams to fight for our lives become meaningless and sorrowful, nevertheless this is the situation many people face throughout their lives. Broken dreams have become a popular theme among writers because a connection can be made with the theme and because there one’s truth can be faced. Whether dreams are forgotten or unaccomplished, there is a theory by philosopher Carl Jung that states, “Nothing has a stronger influence psychologically on their environment, and especially on…show more content…
Greg dreams are broken with his father’s comments lacking concern in his ideas and disapproving of them, leaving him resentful and unhappy with his own life and family. Nevertheless his father’s insufficiency to support him did not refrained Greg from pursuing his passion, but rather gave him the strength and drove him to confront his father by letting him know that “Some things are more important” (Friesen 30) and that for him his dream meant more to him than his approval of them. In “A Cap for Steve” Steve’s father Dave discourages his son passion for baseball and forces him to concentrate in carpentry to bring money to their struggling family. Dave does not display any sing of support for Steve dreams, which to him are rather childish until he realizes how much they mean to Steve and how serious he is about baseball. Dave lets him know his approval when he states “I could be your coach... watch you become a great pitcher” (Callaghan 177), at this point he changed and know believes in his son and his ability to reach his dream and letting him know that as long as he is happy and doing what he loves, he will be proud of him. The protagonists of “Boys and Girls” and Greg form “Bother Dear” portrayed how a child’s life can be ruined by parents who neglect the care and support children need to succeed in their future goals, contrasting how they can resigned and obey or they can reveal

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