Brad Thor's Code Of Conduct

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Brad Thor is a popular author who has a unique way of writing that draws readers in from every direction. He delivers spectacular novels that will keep you on edge and invoke your eagerness to read more of his books. When it comes to books in the adventure thriller genre, his are the golden choices. The book Code of Conduct will keep you tense impatiently waiting for the next big event that will happen in the gritty life of the American government spy Scot Harvath. Brad Thor conveys his novels in a very fun and interesting way. He's a #1 New York Times best-selling author who focuses on the suspensefulness of political thrillers. His books are nominated each year for being the best thrillers and adventure novels by the International Thriller …show more content…

I felt wired and connected throughout this entire book. I'm always looking for new and interesting novels to add into my library Rolodex. This was definitely a great addition and I'm anticipating more from this author. Out of the gate, the beginning of the book draws you in and keep you there for a while. This book provokes you to read more with an in-your-face style delivery method other authors seem to lack. I was a little skeptical at first about reading this book because the previous novels in this series that has somewhat of the same theme; good guy save the day, political obstruction, and patriotism. This book has all of that and more in just the right amounts. And the unique thing about the author is that he makes these subjects mesh together well. This book has lots of action that jumps out the pages to you at high rates of speed. The fast pace delivery method of Brad Thor's writing style is what makes him a great author who's entertaining to read. Scot Harvath's superhero-like mentality is contagious and puts you in a good mood whenever he accomplishes his missions. He is the primary focus of the book and the main person who saves the day. Brad Thor uses great tactics in executing his points to keep the reader's interest in Scot Harvath. This book demonstrates how practical Scot Harvath's skills can be. It shows how deep his intellect goes in solving problems and getting past obstacles. One thing I love about this book is that you can see how vividly the main character is developing along the way with others on his team as

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