Brain Development in Young Children

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There are many stages that happen when a baby brain is developing. The first three years are what makes the brain responsive to external input. There first three years can capture more efficiently then it will be able to later on. The brain goes through three trimester when it is developing. The brain development is the major conductor for helping a young child learn and comprehend what they are doing. There are also ways that parents and teachers can help enhance the brain development for young children. The pregnancy period is also a main factor with the brain development. The reason for that is because they learn the voice of their mother from her reading. So when the baby is born the can recognize their mother by her voice. During the first trimester is the formation of neural tubes. About seven weeks after the neurons and synapse begin to develop in the spinal cord, which allows the fetus to make movement. In the second trimester is where the gyri and scili appear in the brain surface. This process is called myelination. This allows the information to process faster in the brain. In order for the brain to achieve the same level of efficiency without myelination the spinal cord would have to be three yards diameter. The third trimester is the transitional period, which is the reflexes such as fetal breathing and responses to the stimuli. Also, during this period the cerebral cortex supports early learning. As they start to get older they are able to develop more

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