Brain Vs Adult Brain Essay

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The brain's physical has it difference and similarities between the teen brain vs the adult brain. In the text “What's going on In your brain”, the author states “The amount of myelin in your brain increases during adolescence , according to Steinberg. The more myelin, the faster, the faster information is transmitted and the more adept, efficient, and mature your brain becomes.” This means that that teen can decode information faster than adult. This evidence is relevant because it is one the difference between adults and teen brain is that we transmit information much better. Another piece of evidence that explains this difference Your brain is a mass of cells contained inside your skull. It is, in fact, the boss of you. As the diagram at right shows, there are many parts to the brain, and each has a different function---bossy functions. In fact, the brain is the only organ that has localization, explains Dr. Nancy L. Kuntz, a consultant on child and…show more content…
In the text, the author states “ It is a tension on vivid display at Vishal’s school, Woodside High School, on a sprawling campus set against the forested hills of Silicon Valley. Here, as elsewhere, it is not uncommon for students to send hundreds of text messages a day or spend hours playing video games, and virtually everyone is on Facebook.” This means that technology is like a drug to the teenage mind it's hard not to have it. This evidence is relevant because Vishal has a problem of overusing technology. Another piece of evidence that explains this difference “For some, the amplification is intense. Allison Miller, 14, sends and receives 27,000 texts in a month, her fingers clicking at a blistering pace as she carries on as many as seven text conversations at a time. She texts between classes, at the moment soccer practice ends, while being driven to and from school and, often, while
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