Branding and Marketing Strategy for a Proposed Business Called: Spirou Biodegradable Garbage Bags

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As the product manager for Spirou Biodegradable Garbage Bags, my team and I will start formulating the branding strategy by first performing a brand assessment. This will involve a lot of research on current and prospective consumers, transaction trends related to the trash bag market and service quality. We need to determine the business environment including competition, suppliers and economic forecasts. The assessment is needed to determine what the value our product has for our customers, our competition, and the consumer perception of the competition and our company. We can see the value of our bags in comparison to the current drawstring plastic bags on the market. The technologically advanced bags we offer are our key selling point, our value, our distinction. Second I will need to determine our brand promise. The brand promise should achievable and one that connects our strategy, our people, our positioning, and our customers. We have determined our differentiating factor; the bags disintegrate into dust together with the garbage inside them. Using this factor, we can develop the ‘promise’ we will deliver to our intended consumers: no more full bags ripping or hauling bags to the trash barrels, an easy way to make the environment cleaner, no more overflowing landfills. And the company MUST deliver on the brand promise.
Third we develop the brand blueprint. The brand blueprint will aid us in communicating our promise and creates our ‘communication building

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