Brave New World Analysis

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“Brave New World,” written brilliantly by Aldous Huxley, is contrasting life lead by ignorance and bliss with life characterized by hardship and passion.Huxley writes about a man by the name of John who not only gets to experience two entirely opposite lifestyles, but is able to decide which one is worth living. Though John was born an uncivilized savage, he is taken from his home at the reservation to the society of this dystopian (or utopian, depending on how one views ignorance) society where drugs are handed out by the government and family is shameful. John’s departure from where he grew up was a departure from who had he grown up to be, and this incredibly fortunate opportunity was arguably just as misfortunate. Growing up on the reservation made for a rough childhood for John, his mother was unlike the the savages that took her in. John was treated by the other men with not only disrespect but also disgust; he was an outcast in his own community due to his mother’s differing culture and morals (page 91). Therefore, when John was allowed to leave the reservation with Bernard, he found something with Helmholtz that he had never before experienced on the reservation: friendship. John was enriched with this new camaraderie; he and Helmholtz often spent time reading with one another and discussing ideas they saw eye to eye on (PAGE 121). John was given acceptance, which was a necessity scarce found where he grew up. John and Helmholtz read and discussed books with one

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