Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

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There is a thin line between a contemporary society and the society depicted in the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. One can clearly differentiate the utopian/dystopian portrayals in Brave New World to society today. The sustainability of maintaining mass control on society plays a major part in this novel as well as the concept of love and sex. In the world today there are trying to control society and how we view sex and love while maintaining our methods to influence that notion. The methods that the Controller uses to regulate society is unnecessary because there can be less blissful tactics to influence society that gives people free will like our society provides. John who is also referred to as The Savage is an outsider of …show more content…

“Alone, always alone” (BNW Pg.137) John’s upbringing can be paralleled to Ancient and Modern Day Korean Ideals on shame and disregard to someone in the community who goes against the norm in society. Like Korean and surrounding Asian cultures there are customs on how one should behave within morally.” Asian shame is intricately tied to the fear of rejection” (Louie MA, LMHC). If someone goes against the grain of what is expected of the population, then they become an outcast, much like John has been raised up to feel from his community because of his mother’s promiscuity. Lenina, a young and desirable female who works at the Hatchery catches the attention of John. The two of them end up having an attraction for one another but they both come to realize they had contrasting beliefs and values on sex and love. John admired Lenina and so did she in return but John wanted something more than just someone to sleep with. “Listen Lenina, in Malpais people get married.” (BNW Pg.191) Lenina thought it was a horrible idea to talk about marriage because it defies her culture’s convention. Lenina is taught that “everyone is for everyone” and not to be with one person. When Lenina tried to come on to John by taking off her clothes and reaching for him to make a sexual advantage, he grabbed her wrists and thrust her roughly yelling

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