Brave New World By Aldous Huxley

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Aldous Huxley is the author of Brave New World and several different literary works. He was born into an aristocratic family in an English county called Surrey in 1894. Huxley probably received the best education a young writer could’ve gotten in England, attending Oxford University. In 1963, he died at the age of 69 in Los Angeles, California.
The literary classic, Brave New World is considered to be in the literary period of Modernism. Modernism exploded in the 20th century with a transformation of Western society. Brave New World is based in England, which is a western society that changed.
“I ate civilization…It poisoned me; I was defiled. And then…I ate my own wickedness.” This is a quote from one of the main characters, John or The Savage. It clarified that although London is a happy utopia, many people in our society would disagree with their beliefs and morals.
“I was given a choice; to be sent to an island, where I could have got to my pure science, or to be taken to the Controllers’ Council with the prospect of succeeding in due course to an actual Controllership. I chose this and let science go.” This is a quote from the Resident World Controller of Western Europe, Mustapha Mond, and another seemingly main character. This told me that people that disagree with the utopian society aren’t just killed or tortured. The leaders put them on remote island where more intelligent, self-conscious people can do as they please.
I feel like there are two themes. One is

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