A Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Have you ever wondered what human nature would be like if everybody looked and sounded the same?
How in Brave New World they were cloning people and everybody were getting scientific things done on them. And how now in society is different from the past to now in the present. Based on what Aldous wrote in the book BNW is probably what the future is going to be like were there would be test tube babies and cloning individuals in this type of society. Because now the present is so different from what the past was like. Most of the events in the book is the truth that’s going on in society, because people really don’t believe that the future would really be like this. But in 1932, times were different now then which the society in the 21st Century is changing because we don’t have test tube babies or people looking like robots. Based on the world they were living in it would basically be a prison without walls in the kind of world they were living in. Although Aldous became more obsessed in humanism he wanted to experience spiritual religion based upon human nature, so that he was able to write his book BRAVE NEW WORLD. People loved his book when it became published in 1932, they thought it was one of his best books he wrote. Most of the books are made of science fiction on what the future might be like, but doesn’t mean that were going to be living in machines or be cloned to act like each other, then if that happens then the world would be a disaster. Today there

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