Bread and Roses

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We want Bread but Roses too The story of Rosa and Maya are being played out in real life within the Mexican immigrant workers. The authenticity with which the story is told is astounding, showing a deep respect for those who in search of a way to make an honest living, subject themselves to countless humiliations and are relegated to live outside the margins of mainstream America. Every worker has an equal right to unionize and fight against the unfair conditions at work (Thesis Statement). Bread and Roses shows us the world of the illegal immigrants in Los Angeles who clean buildings for sub-standard wages and no benefits. Life is a daily struggle to pay the bills and put food on the table. These poor people live in fear that they will…show more content…
They joined the “Justice for Janitors” campaign participating in demonstrations, meetings, and marches. The decision does carry a sizeable degree of repercussions. Maya’s sudden cognizance of employment is undermined by both her sister’s resistance to the union as well as her best friend’s hesitancy in engaging in demonstrations who is saving money for his college and who doesn’t want jeopardize his future. The perspective on labor union in the movie was to become a team and fight for the rights. The Labor Unions deducted 20% of the pay check, but gave many other benefits such as healthcare, holidays, respect, etc. The labor union’s advantage also included the increase in their wages. Due to the workers’ involvement in the labor union, the supervisor fired and locked out few workers. This action frightened the janitors, but not much. They continued with their meetings and finally decided to go on strike. For example, Rosa went through lots of trouble and tensions when her sick husband was very critical and was hospitalized. As these janitors do not have any healthcare for their families, Rosa was not able to easily pay those bills. She had to sell herself again to the supervisor at the “Angel” and get the things straighten out. In addition, the non union janitors were not able to take any action against the supervisors at Angel
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