Breaking Routines in Writing Essay

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I suppose there is something to be said for a good solid routine. First of all, when one establishes a routine, he or she needn’t think too much; everything just seems to fall into place day after day after day. Once we have our routine down, it simply becomes a matter of setting it in motion and watching everything unfold just as it did the time before and the time before that. Not only do we avoid thinking too much, but we also eliminate that cursed need to demonstrate creativity. Who needs that hassle? In grammar school, teachers taught us the importance of memorization and strict adherence to the order of events. In history, “In fourteen hundred and ninety two, Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” In music, “Every-good-boy-does-fine.” In …show more content…

We would be required to turn in four 5-page papers followed by an 8-page final paper-28 pages in fifteen weeks. It would be impossible. I immediately began making plans for dropping out of college. Before having us begin our first written assignment, Professor Pekoe read to us from Homer’s Iliad. She read passages about Akhilleus’ and Agamémnon’s frivolous arguing over a slave girl, Hera’s negotiations with Zeus concerning the outcome of the Trojan war, and the humorous but ultimately tragic chase between Akhilleus and Hektor around the walls of Troy. Then, she told us to write our own chapter to Homer’s epic. It could begin and end wherever we chose, and it could include established characters or ones we invented ourselves. “Go crazy,” she told us. The concept was entirely new to me. I had never been told to “go crazy.” I had been told to “devise an outline, and have it approved before beginning writing,” but I had never been told to “go crazy.” Was I about to write creatively? Admittedly, at first I was still intimidated by the 5-page length requirement, but I was about to learn something about myself: I enjoy writing. Before I knew it, I had completed the first page, and the next four pages followed as easily. When I had completed five pages, I realized I still had more to say. In fact, I was eager to write more. I recall feeling upset that the assignment had been so short. I was so proud of what I had written that I made an appointment to have

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