Breast Cancer : A Common And Potentially Fatal Form Of Cancer

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Breast cancer is a common and potentially fatal form of cancer that affects both men and women. Different patients are given different types of treatment depending on their stage. There are also steps that people can take to not only detect, but also to prevent being affected by breast cancer. Breast cancer treatments have made great leaps forward, allowing both genders to have expectations of victory over the disease. Although breast cancer today has affected many lives among females and males, with the advancements in science and technology, it can be beaten.
Breast cancer is when cells in the breast begin to grow out of control and form a tumor that can often be cancerous. This disease of the body can be cured quickly, or retain in the
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The process of treatments are long and tiresome, especially for patients in worse condition.
Many breast cancer patients begin treatment with surgery to remove the metastasis tumor. Depending on the size of the tumor the patient has options of surgery; lumpectomy or mastectomy. These surgeries do not completely take away the cancer, as they can remove the tumor and leave the rest of the cure to therapy. Many women chose to have a double mastectomy, in order to prevent the spread of the cancer in the breast. “A lumpectomy is when only the part of the breast containing the cancer is removed. A mastectomy is when the entire breast is removed, including all of the breast tissue and sometimes other nearby tissues (Surgery for Breast Cancer). Surgery is the beginning of all treatments to get the majority of the cancer out of the body. If the patient chooses to undergo surgery, most of the time there are other therapies are to go along with it in order to kill the remaining cells.
Radiation therapy, the second option of local treatments, is the use of radioactive materials to lessen the density of the cancer. “Radiation therapy before surgery can help to shrink the breast tumor. After breast-sparing surgery, radiation treatments can help destroy any remaining breast cancer cells” (Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer). Radiation is used to stop the growth, and the spreading of cells. The more frequent radiation, the
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