Breast Cancer Essay

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Breast cancer’s a group of cells that are cancer cells called malignant. Malignant is a tumor, which starts in parts of the breast. Breast cancer is the second leading cause of death for women but not as bad of a death for men. Males or females, are born with some breast cells and tissues that have the possibility to turn into cancer cells. (“Definition.”) Any type of cancer begins in the cells. The cells are the basic building blocks that’ll make the tissue. If the process of cell growth goes wrong then new cells will form with in the body. Whenever the cells form within the body it’s because the body no longer needs them cells because they’ve became old and damaged, and old and damaged cells won’t die. When the damaged cells won’t …show more content…

(“Found.”) Their’s four phases to knowing what phase of breast cancer you have. Phase one is the lowest phase you’ll have if diagnosed with breast cancer. Phase one is in the earliest detection of the breast cancer development. Phase two breast cancer is still at it’s earliest stage, but evidence shows that cancer is starting to spread. Cancer is still contained to the breast cancer area, and is needing treatment. Phase three breast cancer is advanced with evidence of the cancer that has invaded the surround tissues nearly at the breast. Phase four indicated that breast cancer has begun to spread through the entire breast then to other parts of the human body. (“Stages.”) Operating with a doctor to help guide your breast treatment plan is the key to understanding what you need to do while diagnosed with breast cancer. Determining what’s needed to improve a great relationship with your doctor is great because it’s good to be able to be open to your doctor and ask as many questions. Seeking a second opinion is recommended. Seeking a second opinion will insure you that you have breast cancer because doctors aren’t always right and it’s better to make sure by having another opinion. The common form of treatment for any type of cancer is surgery. Surgery removes the tumor and near margins. Surgical options are lumpectomy, particle mastectomy, radical mastectomy, and reconstruction. (“Treatment.”) There’s numerous types

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