Breast Feeding Persuasive Speech

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One issue I would like to change today is breast feeding. I think it should be normalized. Yes, women today have many benefits, thanks to our ancestors but I think this is an important issue today for several women. How is it fair that we have spots dedicated to smokers but don’t have a place where a woman can feel secure while acting on a natural habit such as breast feeding her infant? Society is full of harsh hypocrites. It’s ok for woman to be braless wearing a tight shirt with her nipples poking through them but it’s wrong for a woman to nurse her child? If it was up to me I would strike and force this issue to be discuss over the news and on blogs to unite more woman to join together and make a difference. If I was new to motherhood and …show more content…

If I had to choose a role model it would definitely be her. She’s big hearted and courageous. Ellen supports numerous amounts of charities and foundations such as; Artists against Racism, Children’s Health Fund, Clothes off Our Back, Declare Yourself, Feeding America, Love our Children USA, Project Cuddle, Make It Right and countless others. What makes Ellen so great is she also support charities and foundations for animals as well such as, Halo Pet Foundation, Society for Animal Protective Legislation, and many more. She also, uses her show to help raise money for families in need and raise awareness. Ellen is an activist in the gay community. She was one of the first woman to be openly gay in show business. Which helped other to not only share their sexuality but admit to their sexuality. Ellen is unstoppable and very generous. She believe in helping others rather if it’s humans or animals. She paves a way for others to grow. Our ancestors would be proud of Ellen’s …show more content…

It helps balance history as a whole. It teaches us about the benefits women today take for granted. One women I was intrigued by was Sojourner Truth. She was not only inspiring but very courageous. I enjoy being taught about women history but I’m honor to learn about black women in history. Sojourner was a formal slave who participated in both the abolition of slavery and the women’s right movement. What amazed me most by her was the fact that she was an uneducated black women who transformed into a legend. She was an impressive speaker, preacher, activist, and abolitionist. She is well known for her “Ain’t I a women?” speech that she gave at the women’s convention in Akron, Ohio, in 1851. Her speech was powerful and raw. She challenge society by stating all women should be treated equally, no matter what color her skin appearance to

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