Brent Staples Racism

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Throughout everyone’s life, there will always be a point in time where they will experience some form of racial bias. After the Civil War in America, there was racial bias towards many African Americans. Many African Americans are being judged too quickly and facing terrible outcomes just because of the color of their skin. Some good examples of African Americans being considered dangerous is in the article by Brent Staples’ “Black Men and Public Space.” One of the traits that described African Americans were that African Americas are huge, threatening people, “…perceived as dangerous…” (1). As mentioned earlier in this paragraph, racial bias still exists, even in me. Just like Staples, I will explain my racial bias towards my classmates, here at CSM, and explain how that racial bias affected me. Since racial bias dates all the way back to the end of the Civil War, it is not very hard to find documents, primary sources, or other form of written history that describes a clear image of racial bias. In Staples’ “Black Men and Public Space”, Staples describes a few moments where people discriminated him or Staples describes that he has witness other blacks being have faced the punishment of having black skin. Staples’ first encounter to the racial bias towards the blacks was when he was twenty-two years old at night in Chicago. Staples was trying to go home at night, and during his return trip home, he notices a young white woman in front of him. Staples notices that the white
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