Poetic Device Paper

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Karah Joye
Corbin Lockmiller
1302 English
18 July, 2013
Poetic Device Paper In the poem “After Making Love We Hear Footsteps”, Galway Kinnell creates the speaker in a way to really portray what he believes true love to be once “long-married”. The author gives great sensory details, engulfing you into the night that he produced from these fickle meters. The speaker in the poem puts family high on this list of priorities as the author shows a significant amount of importance to them from using a few clever poetic devices. Although Kinnell could have put a little more thought into scansion to create even more of a deeper meaning, this poem is very emotional and touching to the senses as well as giving great morality to what a man
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Originality of the poem is derived from the fact that this poem is from a man’s perspective, finding love to be so blessing. It is usually the woman who becomes sentimental towards these types of things, for women are typically more emotional of the two sexes. As I try not to stereotype men, in today’s society being an emotional man makes you less of one but, in the eyes of love, the man in this poem does not seem to care. With morality taking control, the poem “After Making Love We Hear Footsteps” tells a man what should be seen of love, the making of it and how children should be made rather than a mistake or unwanted. Many men do not appreciate the genuine love of a woman and children, nor do we see respect given to them or the idea of settling down and being “long-married”. Few men seem to see the blessing of making love and what it is for rather than just the physical pleasure. Although the author doesn’t give too much thought into letting the reader know that the characters are in an outside world, he does include the universal baseball player to place a reminder that in fact they are in a world, even if it’s in a world of their own. The author Galway Kinnell does not give enough attention to the scansion of the poem as the feet run from one to nine meters. Yet this may make the reader notice the wide variety of feet in each meter, comparing to them footsteps. Figuratively speaking, the husband doesn’t mind drinking
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