Brief Summary Of Champion By Marie Lu

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In Champion by Marie Lu, celebrities, June and Day, fight for peace between two nations. In the previous two books in the series, Day’s brother fell ill with a Republic engineered disease. Eden (Day’s brother) was experimented on and Day fought the Republic before declaring his alliance with the new Elector. June, then becomes a Princeps-Elect so Day decides to move to Los Angeles with his brother. To begin Champion, the same disease that bogged down Eden has struck the Colonies, which infuriates the leader of the Colonies. Consequently, the Colonies declare war on the Republic and until the Republic can find a cure, the Colonies say they will annihilate the Republic. Day and some Patriots decide to strike first, so they infiltrate a Colony base and bomb the planes. Although, this action only infuriates the Colonies and they attack Denver, the capital of the Republic. Day and June go to Los Angeles and their friend Tess comes down with the deadly plague. When this happens Eden decides he will sacrifice himself and undergo more testing to find a cure for the sake of Tess and the Republic. But Eden’s blood didn't have the full cure, the doctors said the virus was changed in the Colonies. June remembered when she got sick and volunteered to undergo treatment and with her blood doctors …show more content…

On June’s birthday, ten years after the war, Day and Eden finally return to the Republic. Before her birthday dinner, June decides to go for a short walk and crosses paths with Day and Eden. Day feels a need to talk to her even though he does not remember who she is. Day continues to tell June that he is going to a dinner and his friend Tess invited him. As it turns out, the dinner Tess invited him to was June’s birthday dinner. After ten years June and Day finally meet again. All in all, in Champion, June and Day save their family and settle two feuding

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