Brief Summary Of Kayla's Attack

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After her father’s death, a high school senior inherits a Lake House, but she has to survive the night when attacked by cult members.

KAYLA, a high school senior, is distraught over the death of her father, JOHN. Three masked people, who appear to be involved in a cult, attacked John, stabbing him to death. At the scene of the murder Detective TYLER HAYES finds an Ouija board. Tyler interviews the yard care worker, BERNARD GRAVES, who claims he doesn’t know anything.
Kayla is left with her stepmother, JUNE, who Kayla can’t stand. June is controlling. She misses both of her parents. June is furious when she learns that Kayla inherited the Lake House and the family garden. Her boyfriend, ALEX, and her friends, KENDRA and CASEY, …show more content…

Kayla screams for help. She tries to call 911, but her phone dies. She flees from the attackers and hides in the house. Leo shows up and the attackers stab him to death. Kayla runs into the woods. Eventually Kendra shows up and Kayla thinks she’s saved, until she sees a mask. She thinks Kendra is involved and she runs.
The police show up and Kayla tells them about the killers. They enter the house and they are attacked. Detective Robert Martin is killed. Seth Warner is injured, but he and Kayla team up.
Eventually, alone, Kayla is forced to flee, but she’s caught. Bernard reveals himself to be one of the attackers. They need Kayla’s blood as a sacrifice for their worship. Kayla realizes it’s not Kendra, but it’s Casey who’s involved with the cult.
A battle erupts. Alex shows up and he helps Kayla fight Casey, but Casey eventually stabs Alex. Kayla calls Detective Tyler Hayes, and tells him she needs help.
Kayla makes it back to her home where her stepmother, June, is revealed to also be part of the cult conspiracy. Tyler is there. He appears to be working with June, until he turns on June. He’s been trying to get evidence against her. Casey reappears and surprisingly kills June. Kayla battles Casey, who now seems demonic. Using her crucifix, Kayla stabs Casey in the face. Casey’s face melts and burns. The battle is

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