Bright Lights, Big City And White Noise

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Comparison Paper: Bright Lights, Big City and White Noise

Bright Lights, Big City
Bright Lights, Big City, is an American narrative, by Jay Mclnerney. The narrative is among America’s most notable novels, presented in the second person. In the book, Mclnerney presents the narrator as a worker for highbrow magazine. He depicts the narrator as party maniac, and cocaine user, who intends to literally lose himself in the profligacy (hedonism), of the yuppie party scene (McInerney 213). The narrator frequented ‘Heartbreak’, a preeminent nightclub in New York City. Amanda, the narrator’s wife opted to walk out on him, after establishing her modelling career in Paris. The narrator lived in denial. He opted to assume his wife’s departure, and live as if nothing had change. He lived in the hope that his wife would return (McInerney 343). Nonetheless, the narrator opted to search for his wife at her fashion events. He was overly fixated on his wife’s memory, where he obsessed on her possessions, her modelling pictures, and a dummy based on her. Overtime, his incongruous lifestyle influenced his career. Progressively, the narrator became overly disillusioned, and fixated on his wife, and the acquisitive New York culture. White Noise
White Noise, a book by Don DeLillo, is among America’s most remarkable works categorized under postmodernism literature. The book gives a picturesque description of Jack Gladney (the protagonist), a college professor in a second-rate town American

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