Bring Back Flogging Analysis

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Is Violence the Response to Criminals Actions? In “Bring Back Flogging,” the author, Jeff Jacoby suggests that people should adopt some of the Puritans tactics to punish criminals instead of putting them in prison. Jacoby is basing his claim on the use of irony, logos, and ethos. According to Jeff Jacoby, a moment of humiliation is better than a couple of years behind bars. I do not agree with Jeff Jacoby’s argument because the examples he gives and the way he refers to the topic incite readers to violence, also during the development of the subject he is too contradictory with his own opinions making his arguments unclear. To begin with, at the start of his article Jeff Jacoby mentions old tactics of punishment pursued by Puritans. At the same time, the author is giving ideas of how to take justice into our own hands. For example, in paragraph 13 Jacoby mentions, “Their sanctions (Puritan's actions) were humiliating and painful, but quick and cheap. Maybe we should readopt a few,” basically the author is suggesting we should punish criminals with our own hands. Consequently, Jacoby declares on paragraph 6, “…a stint in prison becomes a sign of manhood, a status of the symbol,” now the author is claiming that the prisons are unworthy and incarcerate people is not the solution because according to him there are better ways. Besides, on paragraphs 2 and 3, Jeff Jacoby mentions four cases of people that were punished by the Puritans. This group committed crimes that today

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