What is Wrong with Out Penal System

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The Author Jack Kerouac said, “In seeking to severely penalize criminals society by putting the criminals away behind safe walls actually provide them with the means of greater strength for future atrocities glorious and otherwise.” In the position that prison reform is not justified and shouldn’t be ruled in favor of, that I feel compelled to negate today’s resolution. Resolved: Prison reform is not justified. For clarification of today’s round, I offer the following counter definitions. To begin with, the word prison reform is defined as the attempt to improve conditions inside prisons, aiming at a more effective penal system. In addition to that, the term not justified is defined as something that is not shown to be right or reasonable. The highest value within today’s round is efficiency and it is defined as performing or functioning in the best possible way with the least waste of time and effort. Efficiency is most important in today’s round because it shows how prisons are functioning in the way that they are supposed to, and they are providing the prisoners will all of their necessities such as education as well as food. The best criterion for evaluating this resolution is effectiveness and it is defined as successful in producing a desired or intended result. It best achieves my value of efficiency because it clearly shows how useful it is and how it gets the job done respectively.

In negating the resolution, I offer the following contentions beginning with
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