Jeff Jacoby's Essay Bring Back Flogging

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“Bring Back Foolishness”

Jeff Jacobys’ essay, entitled “Bring Back Flogging” was, in my sincere opinion, poorly constructed. There are numerous instances where I felt that he had either not supported his premises with valid information or had negated his support in later sentences.
The essay begins by drawing forth images of Puritan punishment. He cites two instances of punishment, which were particularly torturous and radical in nature. He then draws a comparison between this inhumane punishment and imprisonment by stating with irony that, “Now we practice a more enlightened, more humane way of disciplining wrong doers: we lock them up in cages.” His use of the word “cages” …show more content…

Jeff Jacoby seems accustomed with using words as tools for undermining that which he opposes. By using the word “cage” frequently, he ascribes a negative connotation to the act of imprisoning people. He successfully taunts us with images of defenseless animals locked within inhospitable quarters, and hopes that the image will fuel the readers’ probable fear of human rights violations. Another statement within the fourth paragraph, which I see as an attempt to fool people, is when he says, “ Crime is out of control, despite the deluded happy talk by some politicians.” This sentence come out sounding as if it were a fact, when in actuality it is his opinion based on feelings rather than data. I also see an attempt to discount the authority of politicians by calling them deluded. Again there is an absence of support available for either of these two opinions.
To add to this debauchery, he cites another misleading statistic in the last sentence of the paragraph. He declares, “ Fifty-eight percent of all murders do not result in a prison term. Like wise 98% of all burglaries.” What does this statement conjure up within your mind when you read it? It draws a picture of a convicted felon/murderer happily leaving the courtroom free to go. Is this the reality of the statement? Let’s think half-heartedly about the first sentence. Pay attention to the word “murders”, this implies that there is a murderer, and to be called a murderer

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